The fulfillment of our mission to feed hungry kids cannot be accomplished on our own. We need your help. We can’t do it alone.

Please consider donating your time or resources to help us. Over 30,000 kids face hunger in our area. With your help, we can fight child hunger and impact the lives of those who often times can’t help themselves.


Connecting Kids to Meals serves meals to thousands of children per day. We are a longstanding and trusted community partner.

Please help us reach more hungry children with a financial donation. Your gift will help reduce child hunger, stabilize and strengthen families, as well as transform a community.

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Our Partners

Our work would be impossible without support from our partners.

Our Partners


Volunteer support is vitally important to our operations. While we have our staff personnel and volunteers who serve on our Board of Trustees, we nonetheless need volunteers to help with serving meals to kids, packaging meals, assisting our administrative staff, or even helping out with our events. If you are interested in helping, please complete the form below:

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There are still unreached children in our community. You can make a difference.

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