Welcome to the Summer 2019 Meal Program!!
Per State requirements for the Child Nutrition Program, ALL servers from your site MUST
be trained. We are offering 4 sessions at various times to accommodate your schedules.
Please make every effort to attend ONE of the following training times.
Choose ONE of the following times to attend the mandatory training:
3:00 – 4:00 PM
9:00 – 10:00 AM
4:00 – 5:00 PM
10:00 – 11:00 AM
Come to Cherry Street Mission Ministries Life Revitalization Center
At 1501 Monroe St, Toledo
You may park in their parking lot off Monroe Street.
Enter through their doors (with the red awning) and
go to the auditorium on the first floor for training.

The mission of Connecting Kids To Meals (formerly, Feed Lucas County Children) is to provide hot, nutritious meals at no cost to children in low-income and underserved areas throughout the entire year. As a nonprofit organization, we fulfill this mission by partnering with community locations where kids gather during the summer months and throughout the academic year. Since we began operating in 2002, we have served over 5 million meals to hungry children in need.

Recently, in partnership with Cherry Street Mission Ministries, we built a new state-of-the-art kitchen in our downtown location. There, we prepare and package our meals that are then delivered out to our partner locations in Lucas, Wood and Williams Counties.

Our work is critical as poverty and childhood hunger, in particular, continue to plague our community as well as others located nearby. Research confirms that kids who lack proper nutrition on a regular basis have a greater likelihood of experiencing academic challenges, having behavioral problems and suffering long-term health issues like obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. We directly combat hunger by providing a hot, healthy meal to kids in need.

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There are still unreached children in our community. You can make a difference.

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Meals Inc. provides nutritious meals to children at community partner locations during the school year, including but not limited to, charter schools, community centers and faith-based organizations.

Meals Inc. is an affiliate of Connecting Kids to Meals, a non-profit organization serving hot, healthy meals to children at community locations that strive to combat the child hunger epidemic. We have been serving children through Meals Inc. since 2006 and have experienced staff who are committed to providing well-balanced meals.

A foundational part of our business is contracting with charter schools that use the National School Lunch Program. We help ease the staffing and financial burden of feeding children during the school day. We provide efficient meal service, and our staff maintains all the nutritional information necessary for record-keeping purposes. Not only does Meals Inc. contract with charter schools, but any partner who needs to serve hot, healthy meals.

Meals Inc. offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Partner organizations can customize their contract based on their specific needs.
With our charter schools, we typically offer two (2) methods of service:
1) With “drop off only” service Meals Inc. prepares the meals; our driver will deliver hot meals to the charter schools and then return to pick up equipment and containers. Serving the meals is the responsibility of the school.
2) With our “full-service” method, we deliver hot meals along with a qualified server to plate the meals, serve the children and clean up service area. We provide all necessary equipment (i.e. food warmers, steam tables, serving utensils, food trays and sporks) to assure that the meals are served fresh and hot and in accordance with food safety standards.
For our non-charter school partners, we offer our “vended service” where we share a full list of products available and the client selects the desired items. Meals Inc. will issue invoices, and payment is made directly to Meals Inc.

We want to partner with you. We understand that cost is an important factor, and we work closely with our distributors to assure quality product, at affordable prices. Please contact us for pricing.

[It’s] about compassion and love.Tammi

Last night at New Life Church two young boys rode their bikes in the rain to make it over for dinner. Then, after eating they went home so the older two boys in their home could use the bikes to make it over. It is a smaller site in a poorer community, but the women in the church are doing a great job at helping the neighborhood kids. I left last night with mixed emotions. The program is not only about food; it’s about compassion and love. While we can’t always solve or fix every situation, but we are at least able to reach out and make a small difference in a child’s life.
– Tammi P.