These children are not invisible to us.

Connecting Kids to Meals is the leading non-profit organization in NW Ohio fighting childhood hunger through our summer meal program . We also provide meals to kids enrolled in after school programs during the academic year. Last year we provided more than 500,000 meals to hungry kids.

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Locations All Across Greater Toledo and NW Ohio.

More than 180 sites have generously opened their doors to alleviate hunger for children in northwest Ohio. Our goal is to reach every hungry child in every neighborhood.

Our Mission

The mission of Connecting Kids to Meals (formerly, Feed Lucas County Children) is to provide hot, nutritious meals at no cost to children in low-income and underserved areas throughout the entire year. As a nonprofit organization, we fulfill this mission by partnering with community locations where kids gather during the summer months and throughout the academic year. Since we began operating in 2002, we have served over 5 million meals to hungry children in need.

By the Numbers

Total Meals Served since 2002
In 2017
nutritious, hot meals served by Connecting Kids to Meals
nonprofits, schools, churches, and other organizations served

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